No One Likes Your Survey

January 26, 2022 admin

Trust Us, your survey procedure is bad.

We know….you put a lot of time and thought into your survey and believe it’s fantastic.  It asks all the right questions so you can ascertain a realistic sense of your customers’ experience.  You leave the forms out so that your customers will see them.  You email them a link so they can fill them out online.  You entice them with freebies or enter them into sweepstakes.  Yet the truth remains: no one likes to take your survey.

We forget how biased we can be, so when we set up our surveys, we can’t help but imagine all of the great and insightful feedback we’ll get.  However, there’s a simple question we could ask ourselves that would quickly dispel our bias: “How often do I fill out a survey for other businesses?” Hardly any of us do.

The problem is that surveys are incompatible with human nature. People, whether they’re aware of it or not, are in the constant mode of seeking value.  They invest time and energy where the most value can be gained.  When faced with the prospect of taking a survey, a customer will subconsciously ask themselves the question “Is what I get out of this worth my time?

From a customers standpoint, surveys don’t offer value, they take value.  A customer is much more willing to share their thoughts if they believe their efforts are being is reciprocated by the business.. If they’re going to tell you about their experience, they want to know that someone will listen and that someone will attempt to address their concern now.

  • Take greater control of your online reputation
  • Increase your security by empowering your guests
  • Provide guests with instant satisfaction

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